Clarify 2 ManualClarify DesktopTroubleshooting"the document could not be created" error when using Mac App Store version

"the document could not be created" error when using Mac App Store version

If you see this error when trying to save anything you may have a permission issues in the application sandbox. The Console application may report that the sandbox is being denied "file-write-create" permissions.

Another error you might see is "can't open output file: No such file or directory" when trying to export to PDF or other formats.

Quit Clarify and delete the application sandbox

To fix this error delete the application sandbox:


Note that this operation will delete any custom templates or annotation presets. Since this error occurs when you first start using Clarify this shouldn't be an issue. If it is then see our article on where to locate the necessary files to backup.

Relaunch Clarify

The next time you launch Clarify the application sandbox will be recreated and you should no longer see this error.



hey there,
i'm running into this issue, or at least something similar. I'm running OS X 10.15.3 & 2.0.12 (230) & can't save a file at all. It's the permission denied error. i seem to recall seeing a workaround online somewhere, but for the life if me - can't find it again. can anyone point me in the right direction?


as an aside - i've already tried this, i don't have the mac app store version, i d'loaded it from here. that file in ~/Library doesn't even exist for me.

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