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How to embed HTML (or a hosted video) into a step

By following these instructions you can embed HTML into a step. Use this technique to embed videos hosted on video services into your articles.

Change step media type to HTML

With a step selected (1), click on the step inspector (2) and change the Media Type to HTML (3).

Enter HTML

Note: If you are trying to add a video from YouTube, make sure to use the embed code.

Enter HTML


If you would like to preview what the HTML will look like, click on Preview.


Add an image representation

Some export formats can't display the HTML for a step. You can click on the Image tab and add an image that will be used for these export formats.

The image will always be used when exporting to Word. The image will be used for HTML that isn't support by PDF (e.g. iframes and embedded video).

Add an image representation


Josephine Ferguson

can you embed a video from Vimeo as well as from You Tube?

Trevor DeVore

@Josephine - As long as Vimeo makes embed code available for your video then you can. Clarify is just inserting the HTML you add to the field in the exported document.

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