Clarify 2 ManualClarify DesktopWorking with Images and AnnotationsHow to configure the keyboard shortcut for capturing images

How to configure the keyboard shortcut for capturing images

Open preferences

  • On Mac: Clarify > Preferences
  • On Windows: Edit > Preferences
Open preferences

Configure the hot key

To configure the hotkey, click inside the field of the action you want to configure and type the key combination you want to use.

Configure the hot key



Is there a shortcut to add an additional image to the current step? The current + icon is really small and I'd like to append several small shots to the same step quickly.

Trevor DeVore

@Sheldon - there is not, although we do need to add one.


Assigning a shortcut key combo to "Replace Last Screenshot" doesn't work in Windows.
Hotkey can be assigned, but it will immediately take another screenshot, withour the possibility to adjust the selection frame!
Please fix this, because it has the potential to be a huge timesaver if it works properly.

Trevor DeVore

@Jean: The wording is actually "Repeat Last Screenshot" so the feature is actually working as intended. If you want to replace an existing screenshot then refer to the steps in the following article:

Brooks Cutter

I have the Apple Keyboard with Numeric Keypad and I'd love to map F19 to a screenshot key -- but I can't seem to do this. Is there any trick to making this work on the Mac with El Capitan?

Trevor DeVore

@Brooks - hmm, it looks like Clarify is only set up to handle F1 - F15. I've added a note to add support for the rest of the F keys in the next update. Sorry about that.

John Endahl

I'm using Clarify on a Windows 10 box, and I'm unable to set the PrintScreen key as Clarify's capture hotkey. F12 is similarly ignored. I'm on version 2.0.5 build 4, which Update tells me is the latest version.

Let me know if I can provide further information. Puzzling, because PrintScreen USED to be recognized.

Trevor DeVore

@John - do you have any other applications that might be intercepting those keys? I just tried setting the hot key to Print Screen on Windows 10 and it worked.

Rob Jones

Is there a hotkey for adding text and arrows? That's like 95% of what I do with this app :)

Trevor DeVore

@Rob - There isn't a hot key for inserting annotations. You have to specify where you want to draw them so a hot key doesn't really make sense as you have to use the mouse. There is a hot key for cycling through annotations though. Use the "a" key to cycle forward through the available annotation tools. Use SHIFT + "a" to cycle backwards.

Rob Jones

Trevor - that helps a lot - still, I usually just draw an arrow, then add text. Using the "a" key to cycle between the two is better than nothing, but would be great to directly toggle between the two. Thanks again!

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