Clarify 2 ManualClarify DesktopSharing DocumentsUsing the Clipboard Template feature with Clarify-it and Dropbox sharing accounts

Using the Clipboard Template feature with Clarify-it and Dropbox sharing accounts

When you share a Clarify document via a web service such as or Dropbox, Clarify can place the resulting document content on the clipboard with references to the images hosted on the web service. This makes it easy to easy to share Clarify documents in web forums, help sites, or anywhere else you can post HTML, BBCode and Markdown.

Configure your Sharing account

Create a Sharing account that exports to the web. In this example I am configuring a account. I could also use a Dropbox account.

Configure your Sharing account

Select a Clipboard Template

From the Clipboard Template menu, select the format you would like the document converted to after it is uploaded.

Select a Clipboard Template

Share your document

Click on the Share icon in the toolbar to share your document.

Share your document

In the resulting dialog, click the Copy Markdown button (the actual title of the button depends on the format you chose). This will use the clipboard template you selected to convert the document and add the image references.

The Result

Since I selected the Markdown template, this is an example of what would be placed on the system clipboard for a document with a single step.

#A Test
## This is a test step

Some instructions for you to read.

![This is a test step](

Using the Notification Center

You can also copy the clipboard template text to the clipboard using the Notification Center. Click on the Copy Markdown link [1] to copy the default template or click on the arrow [2] to display a list of all of the available templates.

Using the Notification Center

Using the Document Inspector

If you want to copy the document to the clipboard using a different template, you can do so from the document inspector. Just click on the clipboard template button in the list of Shared Locations.

Using the Document Inspector



i totally don't get which clipboard template to choose.

my screenshots are in dropbox, and i'd share via a link probably easiest, or maybe a pdf

Trevor DeVore

@chiraya I agree that sharing a link is probably the best way to go so you probably don't want to use this feature.

If you want to use the Dropbox export feature in Clarify then a URL to the exported page in Dropbox is placed on the clipboard after you finish exporting. See these instructions for setting it up:

If you want to share a PDF via Dropbox just export a PDF to your Dropbox folder. You can then right-click on the PDF in Dropbox and get the sharing link.

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