System compatibility issues

This article describes any known issues on platforms that Clarify supports.


  1. The OS X version of the Clarify Capture Helper application (the app that handles screen capture) will sometimes cause a CPU spike. The current solution is to take a screenshot or restart Clarify. Doing so will calm things down.We are currently testing a fix for this and should have an update out soon.
  2. No available font error, or errors about ssl certificates: Clarify 2.0.3 will produce errors if you change the name of the application name. For example, if you have changed it to Clarify The solution is to rename the application back to This bug will be fixed in the next update.

Yosemite (10.10)

No known issues (as of version 2.0.3).

Mavericks (10.9)

No known issues.

Mountain Lion (10.8)

No known issues.

Lion (10.7)

No known issues.


Windows 8.1

No known issues.

Windows 8

No known issues.

Windows 7

No known issues.



Any workaround for the issue in Yosemite that you can share? Except not using the hotkeys and menu bar icon ;-)

I already tried adding Clarify and the ClarifyHelper processes to the "Allow the apps to control your computer" list in the Privacy settings, but no luck.


Trevor DeVore

@Ben - if you email [email protected] we can send you an update. We have fixed this issue internally and are going through testing prior to releasing an update.

Stephen Curran

I'm also finding the eyedropper on the colour settings are not working - e.g. to get the fill in a shape on top of an image to match the background. The implementation in screensteps is working still, but not in Clarify.

James McCracken

When i open Clarify on my MAC it opens, then crashes directly after. Any idea how to resolve?

Trevor DeVore

@James - email [email protected] and we can troubleshoot.

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