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Unable to create a Dropbox or Evernote sharing account

If, after clicking the Allow button on the Dropbox or Evernote site, Clarify does not create the sharing account it may be because another application is listening on the same PORT on your computer (currently Clarify uses a port between 9990 and 9999).

We have had one report of Clarify not being able to finish creating an account if Extensis Portfolio is running. If you quit Extensis Portfolio you should be able to create the sharing account. After you have created the sharing account you can run Extensis Portfolio and Clarify together without any issues.


Lorrie Millena

I'm getting this notification when sharing it to Evernote:

The following error occured while initializing Evernote session: Types Map and Set are not supported

Trevor DeVore

@Lorrie - Download the 2.0.5 update from our website. It fixes the Evernote issue you are having.

Georges Verdis

When I authorise access to my evernote, it tries to open this page which does not make sense as it is

Please advise.

Trevor DeVore

@Georges - That is the correct URL. points to your computer. That is where Clarify is listening for a response from Evernote.

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