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Issues with posting to a WordPress blog

This article provides troubleshooting tips for known issues with posting to WordPress.

Note that these problems are all related to security issues associated with the xmlrpc.php file that ships with WordPress. We are currently working on a solution that uses a new JSON API for WordPress. It requires installing some plugins but so far in our tests does not experience any of the same issues. If you are having trouble posting to WordPress and would like to try the new solution we are working on then send an email to [email protected].

Error 403 Forbidden

If you have iThemes Security installed make sure you don't have it set to deny all xmlrpc.php files. Switch it to only deny pingbacks and try again.

"Unable to reach the Wordpress server", message about your IP address being banned, or a mod_sec.html error

Some web host providers will blacklist an IP address that makes multiple requests to the xmlrpc.php file in a WordPress installation. This is due to the fact that the file has historically been used for nefarious purposes. Since Clarify documents often contain multiple images it is making multiple requests to the xmlrpc.php file on your server and your web hosting service may flag you.

You can contact your hosting provider and ask them to whitelist you so that you can upload to WordPress.

Another potential cause of the "Unable to reach the WordPress server" error could be a WordPress plugin. At least one user has reported issues with using the "EWWW Image Optimizer" plugin. You can try disabling plugins to see if one is causing a problem.


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