Sample templates for download

This article contains links to sample templates that you can use as a starting point.

Black & White

This is a template that ships with Clarify. It generates HTML files.

Markdown Hi-Res

This template shows how to customize your own Markdown template. It includes a markdown_process.php file with the template that includes the image width and height parameters in the image reference. In addition, the template hi_res_images property is set to true so that the full-size image is exported for screen captures taken on high-resolution monitors.

Markdown Passthru

This template passes the text in the Clarify document directly through with only minor modifications. The document and step titles have Markdown added but the description and instructions pass through. This allows you to write your Clarify document in Markdown and then use this HTML template to export it as-is.


This template outputs HTML with images that are tagged for use with Shadowbox. The HTML is appropriate for WordPress export. The template will create a full size version of any image over 540 pixels and if Shadowbox is available then clicking on the thumbnail version will display the full-size image. You can change the maximum image dimensions in the config.xml file.

This template uses a copy of the printArticleHTML function from the helpers.php file so that the output can be customized.


David Coffin

So where exactly do I put these files after downloading/extracting them?

Trevor DeVore

Anja Zimmer

I would like to see a HTML template that includes a table of content made with the function "printManualTofCXHTML". I tried to make my own template several times, but I never succeded.

Trevor DeVore

@Anja - printManualTofCXHTML will only work with our other product, ScreenSteps. ScreenSteps allows you to create manuals from multiple articles. Clarify and ScreenSteps use the same template system which is why that function is there. It prints off a separate page that links to all of the articles that make up the manual.

Are you trying to create a separate table of contents page or just place the table of contents for a single Clarify document at the top of the page?

Anja Zimmer

I am trying to place a toc for a single document at the top of the page. Is there any way to do this?
I am asking because this same functionality is built in the pdf templates that are based on html files.

Trevor DeVore

@Anja - Take a look at the printArticleTofC() function in the helpers.php file (same file where you found printManualTofCXHTML()). That will print an ol list out of all the steps that links to the step anchor.


I've created a template which outputs markdown for the blogging platform Hexo.

I've blogged about it here:

And you can download the template directly from here:

Trevor DeVore

Thanks @Mattias!

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