Installing a custom HTML template

To make a custom template available to Clarify, you place the HTML template folder in the Clarify application support folder.

Note that you will need to restart Clarify in order for the template to be available.

Accessing the Template folder

Accessing the Template folder

To quickly access the Templates folder use the Help menu and select Reveal Custom Template Folder option.

Where HTML templates can go

You can add HTML templates to the following folders:

  • HTML: Templates used when exporting to HTML.
  • Rich Text Clipboard: Template used when copying a Clarify to the clipboard as rich text. If you put a template folder in here it will override the default template that Clarify uses.
  • Web/Dropbox: Templates used for exporting to Dropbox.
  • Web/WordPress: Templates used for exporting to WordPress.
  • Web Clipboard: Templates that are used with the Clipboard Template setting for and Dropbox sharing accounts.
Where HTML templates can go


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