Registration problems

Certain browsers and email applications won't recognize the Clarify registration URL (for example, Gmail and Google Chrome). If you run into this issue you will need register manually.

Select Help > Registration

Select Help > Registration

Enter your registration information

Make sure that you use the name included with your license key. If your name doesn't match the one used to generate the key then you will receive an error.

Enter your registration information


Anthony DiMuro


I have un-installed clarify and installed it on a new machine.

When I try and register my copy it gives me an error that says 'Invalid Prefix'

I have checked the 'Name' Field and I am sure I am putting in the correct name of 'Anthony DiMuro'

If you could help that would be great.


Trevor DeVore

@Anthony - You are probably trying to register Clarify 1 with a Clarify license key. Make sure you download Clarify 2 from our site and that you include the "clarify2win-" portion of the license key.

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