How PDF templates are processed


When a document is exported from Clarify the template being used is processed and all content is inserted into the template. The root folder for any relative links in the HTML file will be the ./Content folder in the template. This is where you can put any supporting images or CSS files.

After the HTML, CSS, and image files have been generated they are passed off to an application named Prince. Prince processes the HTML and creates the resulting PDF document. For full documentation on Prince and what it supports please visit their site where you will find a User Guide and Forums.

After the HTML files have been processed and the PDF file generated, the files are deleted from the computer.


Alex Schenkman

Hi Trevor,

Is it possible to get hold of the generated HTML before it is passed to Prince?
It would be easier then to find the right names, for the CSS classes.


Trevor DeVore

@Alex - you can download sample HTML files from the PDF manual:

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