How is a DOCX template structured?

Here is the structure of a DOCX template folder.

  1. The root folder is the name that will appear in Clarify.
  2. The DOCX file that will be used for exporting your Clarify documents goes in the ./Content/article folder. The name of the DOCX file is irrelevant. All that matters is that it have a .docx extension.
  3. A DOCX template can also have a ./Content/manual folder. This is not used in Clarify but can be present since Clarify DOCX templates use the same format as ScreenSteps DOCX templates.



is this article still valid?
on OSX 10.10.5 Clarify 2.0.5 build 4 is folder empty and added templates are not recognised.

Trevor DeVore

@brano - Yes, the article is still valid. The folder is empty by default as you haven't installed any custom templates. I would suggest sending a screenshot of what you added to the folder to [email protected]. My guess is that you just need to modify the folder structure as Clarify isn't find the actual .docx file in the right place.

RF Xaver

Exporting to my new Word template, I get an error: no screensteps article tag was found in the document. any idea what I need to fix? I have

Trevor DeVore

@RF Try selecting the [[SCREENSTEPS_ARTICLE]] text in your document and removing all styles from it. I've seen this before when a style gets applied to part of the text and the text ends up being split up into multiple segments internally within the Word file.

Poul Lindholm Christiansen

I have tried setting up such a template, but I got an error that './word/numbering.xml' was not found.

I don't see that listed on this page.
Does someone know what goes into that file?

Trevor DeVore

@Poul - A .docx file is comprised of multiple .xml files of which numbering.xml is one. IIRC it has the information for numbered lists. Try adding a numbered list style to your Word document, saving the file, and seeing if that fixes the problem.


Hi there,

I seem to have the same problem as Brano. I've added a custom .dotx file to the folder shown when selecting 'Reveal custom template folder' from the help menu. But is doesn't show up in the dropdown in preferences where you select which template to use.

Am I doing something wrong?

I'm running the 64-bit Beta on Catalina.

Any tips are welcome.

Regards, Tony

Trevor DeVore

@Tony - if you are using the folder structure shown in this article then it will work. For example, to see a Gray template appear in the list of options you need to place your Gray.docx file in the ./Gray/Content/article folder. If you have stored the files in the correct location then perhaps try restarting Clarify. If that doesn't work then contact [email protected] with the appropriate screenshots showing what you've done.


@trevor Mmmm, OK. The problem might just be that I've added the .dotx file to that folder, while to be correct I should have created a subfolder named [template-name], and again a subfolder to that named Content and so forth in that designated folder....

I will try


@trevor OK, this worked. But only after I recognised that I was using .dotx (Word Template) files and not .docx (Word document) files for a Clarify template. Phew...

Ran into the next problem though. I'm now also stuck in the 'no ScreenSteps article tag was found' error. Can't seem to find out what the exact name ofd the style within the docx should be (the solution you mentioned for RF I don't really get, I can't find anything with/using that tag wijtin the .docx)

Trevor DeVore

@Tony - you have to add placeholders to the Word document as described in this help article:

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