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Am I eligible for a free upgrade to Clarify 2?

If you purchased Clarify 1 directly from us after April 1, 2013 will receive a free upgrade.

If you purchased ScreenSteps 2.9 anytime after January 1, 2013 then you will be eligible for a free upgrade to Clarify 2.

If you purchased from the Mac App store we have no way of offering you a free upgrade. For the first few weeks we offered Clarify at half price in the Mac App Store so that people could upgrade at a reduced price. Apple does not provide us with a way to notify people who purchased our software through the Mac App Store, however, so we had no way of letting everybody know.

If you purchased Clarify 1 through the MacHeist bundle you can receive a free Clarify 2 license by filling out this form.


William Ayer

Not sure when I purchased Clarify 1

Trevor DeVore

@William - I didn't see your email or name in our records. Did you purchase through the MAS? Probably best to email so we can sort it out.

Meritza Webb (Irving Independent School District)

We purchased 6 licenses on 02.21.14, however none of our version 1 users have been successful upgrading to version 2. It's asking us to purchase it.

Trevor DeVore

@Meritza: You purchased Clarify 1 after we had gone through and sent out all of the free upgrades for Clarify 1 customers. I just processed your free upgrades and the licenses have been sent to the email on record.

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